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I like to share my fascination for photography and my experience with other people: I offer different photo-workshops, for beginners as well as for more experienced photographers, for groups or individuals, one-day, weekend or holiday-workshops or anything else which suits your timetable. Every workshops is specially «tailored» to your needs. I also offer individual photography-coaching. Please feel free to inquire, I’m open to all suggestions!

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Of course I also offer photo techniques workshops, a little bit of techniques can be important, but we shouldn’t forget that technique is just a vehicle to get where you want to, it’s a means to an end. Many people let themselves being impressed or intimidated by too much technique or by a person showing off his expensive equipment and long lenses. We’ll learn about technique when the right moment comes, a « problem » which want to be solved, when we need some handy tips and techniques to improve our skills. You can make beautiful photographs with a simple and cheap compact camera. It’s not the camera which takes good pictures, but the person behind the lens!

The most important part is learning to look. Learning to communicate with photographs. Photography is communication.

If you take pictures, you don’t want to put them unseen in a drawer where they stay forever. You want to show them. To you friends, to your family, to the jury of a photography competition, to the visitors of your exhibition. What story or message do I want to tell with my photographs? Even if it’s just a simple message, just a « beautiful » photograph, there’s something you want to « tell », to show to other people. Do my photographs transport the message, show what I want them to show? What can I approve and how can I do it?


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