Life is definitely slower at “au septième”, peace and tranquillity reign. The enjoyable melody of the songbirds and the humming of the bees is, on the odd occasion, punctuated by the sound of a passing tractor. The garden offers ideal picnic/BBQ places or, just pick your own quiet spot and while away the day, you might be joined by the odd cat or goat anxious to extend their own welcome to “au septième”. There is no light pollution here and the awesome sky is truly enchanting, especially on a clear night. Summer evenings under the stars is an experience not to be missed!


relax and enjoy a bath in our hot tub in the open field under the stars… the water (rainwater) is heated by a woodfire unter the tub – a new experience!


detail outdoor bath




au septième: small garden in front of the house


au septième: garden with palm tree


au septième: pasture


au septième: wellness and relaxation