discovering  “au septième”      

‘au septième’ is an ideal location to explore the micro/macrocosmos,  this little sanctuary provides a safe refuge for innumerable varieties of insects, amphibia, salamanders, hedgehogs, badgers & birds. Wake up to the dawn chorus, watch the busy bees work their way through the meadow & hedgerows whilst the swallows wheel and dart overhead. Hear the haunting hoots of the owls as dusk descends and the acrobatic bats take to the wing for a dazzling display around the old barn. Under the infinity of the Breton sky the undergrowth at ‘au septième’ bristles as all my little guests set about their various journeys under the twinkling stars.

refuges LPO

I am happy to lend my telescope to anyone who wants to spend an evening/night appreciating the magnificent celestial display on view here throughout the year.

Our guesthouse offers not only guest rooms, but also different kind of workshops where you can discover other new worlds or expand your knowledge, for example in photography, art, cooking, ecology, ecological renovation: WORKSHOPS

Having travelled extensively in and around Brittany I am happy to act as a private Tourist Guide and can accompany you on day trips to help you explore some of the hidden beauty of this region. enjoy …….

pleine lune

discovering Langonnet and surrounds

Langonnet (breton. Langoned) is a commune of almost 2000 inhabitants situated in the north west of the department of Morbihan on the borders of both Finistere & Cotes d’Armor. It is an area of particularly rich natural & architectural heritage. The region is criss crossed by bridleways, trails & paths.   Walking is a delight and because the region is so sparsely populated it is rare to encounter anyone whilst out enjoying the countryside. Just in front of “au septième” is a trail which forks off in two directions, one leads down to the Abbey de Langonnet, an impressive cistercian abbey from the middle ages.   The Abbey sits in a serene spot in a beautiful river valley well worth exploring and only 30 minutes from “au septième”. The other fork leads to a very picturesque lake where you can swim, hire a pedalo or have a drink in the Buvette (cafe) open during the summer months. Nearby trails will take you to prehistoric menhirs and tumuli (hill graves), old chapels, ancient fountains, manor houses, wild river valleys & the highest mountain in Morbihan, the “Minez Du” (Black Mountain) although at 292 m no crampons or rope is needed to summit!

If walking is your passion truly, you will not be disappointed by what this region has to offer. Equally if you would prefer to discover the beauty of Langonnet on horseback there are plenty of possibilities close at hand. I’m also happy to lend you one of my bicycles if you like.

The sleepy village of Langonnet is approximately 3kms away and contains an old architecturally interesting church as well as a smattering of shops & bars, a restaurant, Post Office & pharmacy. Surprisingly this small village boasts its very own theatre, “La Grand Boutique”, which has a bar, stage & gallery hosting regular concerts (jazz/world/celtic) plus art, plays/performances. A few kms further there is an organic cafe/restaurant which offers each weekend a menu from different countries of the world often accompanied by impromptu concerts.


a small selection of interesting places and things to see and to do:

– bouddhist centre Plouray (

– museum/Musée du Faouët (

– “Sainte Barbe”, Le Faouët

– horseriding

– Fishing (in the “Elle”you even find salmons!)

– Shilling, Kayak, Windsurf, Pedalos on the lake “Bel-Air” in Priziac

– les roches du diable (“the devil’s rocks”) (

– the legendary forest and beautiful granite chaos of Huelgoat and the Monts d’Arrée, a unique wild and mysterious landscape

– the lush greenery of the Nantes to Brest canal

– documentary film festival in Mellionnec (

– the famous music festival “Les Vieilles Charrues” in Carhaix (

– “Festival Interceltique” in Lorient (

– “fest noz” throughout of the year (central brittany is the home of authentic breton culture)

– the impressive château de Trévarez, set in beautiful grounds

It’s impossible to note everything, there’s so much to discover! From Langonnet you have easy access to the whole of Central Brittany, and the sea’s not far, either!

discovering the Breton coastline

The Breton coastline is over 1500 kms long and is both extremely varied and stunningly beautiful, in the West dramatic cliffs hold back the wild Atlantic and shelter pristine beaches. The North and South coast boast renowned golden shores and world famous rock formations, the pink granite coast near Roscoff is awesome and the acres of standing stones at Carnac are thought to predate Stonehenge. The entire region is dotted by off shore islands most of which are well serviced by local ferry operators especially in the summer months. The coast is easily accessible from “au septième”, as is the GR 34 trail (commonly known as the Atlantic way) which enables you to truly appreciate the spectacular beauty of Brittany’s coastline.

I will give you all necessary information as well as directions to my very favourite places.

enjoy …….